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CGPOA April 2020 eMinder


Note from the  CGPOA President  (Greg Daniels):  Hello Everyone.  When I starting writing this just after our last BOD meeting, I did not realize the changes that would happen in the world. The good news is we as an association are moving forward. The board has identified a few goals for 2020. We will be working to improve the entrance to the neighborhood (including Sawyer and Colson). The new sign is making progress, hopefully by the time this current situation is over we will be ready to have the sign placed. We have a committee working on updating the directory. They are moving forward very quickly. In keeping with the Florida Governors orders and the safety of the community, the board will be postponing the April meeting and taking care of business via email. If the situation still requires "social distancing" the May meeting will be held by conference call. If anyone has any business for the board please reach out to me via email or phone. Be safe everyone, and remember it may not be your life you save but your neighbors.

Public Affairs (Jan Edelstein):  CGPOA advised the County Commissioners prior to their March meeting, which was cancelled, of the following.  The Commissioners are still working and need to hear from lots of people that they should not risk the safety of the Keys with more development.  

 Early evacuate ROGOs:  We continue to object to the County accepting 300 ‘early evacuate’ building permits for workforce housing as unsafe for evacuation.  The Keys Hurricane Warnings Manager, Jonathan Rizzo, has made it clear.  The forecasting ability simply does not exist to reliably provide enough notice for the County to implement its two-phased, 48-hour evacuation clearance time plan.  

    US 1 Traffic Study – The 2019 US 1 traffic study reported a Level of Service of D, a failing grade.  The County is considering changing the      measurements of the test so that it will result in a LOS of C, a passing grade.  We have objected strenuously.  This traffic study was measuring peak season, but not at rush hour.   (And imagine hurricane evacuation on Labor Day weekend)


Volunteer needed:  With Jan Edelstein and Bruce Reed selling their home in the Gardens, we need a volunteer to serve as the contact point for CGPOA with the other POAs with whom we work on all of these issues.  You do not need a current knowledge of any of the issues, just a willingness to help your community participate in these issues by coordinating with the other groups, many of whom have volunteer lawyers and other professionals who draft position papers, etc.    Jan is willing to ‘mentor’ as needed, and provide her analysis on the current issues, in the coming months.  If interested, please contact Jan at or 208-720-0709.


CGPOA Recruitment (Richard Schugar):   NEIGHBORS-WE NEED YOUR HELP   

The CGPOA Board of Directors is in desperate need of volunteers to fill current leadership vacancies.  We are in need of a VP, Corresponding Secretary, and Treasurer.  Your Board is tasked with arranging our Happy Hours, Annual Meeting, eMinder publication, Christmas party, and other social activities.  In addition, we represent YOU in fighting such fights as the shallow well violations, early evacuation ROGO's, marine sanctuary limits, affordable/work force housing, and other issues that affect our quality of life and value of our homes.  Remember after Irma when the mountain of organic and toxic debris was being incinerated across the highway and the noxious and unhealthy smoke wafted into our neighborhood for nearly a month?  The Board's efforts had that halted.  We also address deed restriction violations as they are presented to us.

If you have accounting talents, legal experience, a leadership history, or a functioning brain and give a hoot, WE NEED YOU!

We meet at 7:00 P.M. the second Monday of each month at the hosting Director's home.  Signs are posted on Drost, Sawyer, and Colson, giving the address.  All CGPOA members are always welcome to attend.

The current Board members are listed at the end of this eMinder.  Feel free to contact one of us with any questions you may have.

  We hope you will make the investment of your time to protect your investment in your home.

Happy Hour  (Greg Daniels):   CGPOA will not be hosting an official Happy Hour this month. Cindy Dresow will be hosting a "Lawn and Deck Party “on April 16th at her home. 21023 7th Ave East from 6:00pm until 8:00pm. For information please contact Cindy.

Happy Hour (Cindy Dresow):   The March 19th Happy Hour was held at Mangrove Mama’s.  

We had terrific music for our smallest ever Happy Hour.

Daniel assured us he had observed the guidelines.  The food was great.   

Facebook  (Jo Socha):  I have had a couple of people ask about the pictures I put on Facebook but they do not know how to get to the page,  which is  Cudjoe Gardens Property Owners Association.  

Thank you.

Weekly thought (Libby Scott): It’s the start of a new week. Everyone’s going to be tempted to push the envelope and not stay home. This is not the time to weaken. If you love your job and want to get back to work as soon as possible-stay home. If you like, love or even know a healthcare professional (doctor, nurse, respiratory therapist, ancillary services, nurse’s aide, paramedic/firefighter etc.)-stay home. If you are a teacher and miss your students-stay home. If you are at home with school aged children and doing e-learning and would like them to return to school with above teachers-stay home. If you have older kids and you’d like to see them and not just on FaceTime-stay home. If you miss your grandchildren-stay home.  If you love, like or know an essential worker (grocery store workers, trucker drivers, delivery/warehouse personnel)-stay home. If you miss going to your favorite restaurant/bar-stay home. If you missed going to your church on Sunday-stay home.  If you are a sports fan and want racing, football, baseball or any other sports to resume-stay home. There are hundreds of other examples but you get the idea. This is the time to stop the spread and get this under control. If you’ve been doing your part, thank you, you are helping everyone. If you haven’t it’s not too late to start.  #stayhome, #stopthespread. 

Rain Report (Randy McDonald): The rain total for March was 0.02 inches.  This is the lowest monthly rainfall that I remember in over ten years of reporting.  To check rainfall more often, go to: and enter my station:  FL-MN-6. 

Property Owner’s Concerns: If a property owner has a specific concern, it must be mailed to the Cudjoe Gardens Property Owners Association (CGPOA) or given to a Board Member in writing.  It will then be discussed at the following Board of Directors Meeting and kept on record.  Please mail any correspondence to:  CGPOA, PO Box 420121, Cudjoe Key, FL 33042. 

Welcome to The Cudjoe Gardens Property Owners Association

The CGPOA Board meets every second Monday of each month. White Board signs are posted at each street entrance indicating the date, time, and place of the board meeting. Members are welcome to attend. If you have a community concern you can send it in writing to CGPOA PO Box 420121 Cudjoe Key, FL. 33042. The CGPOA Board is comprised of volunteers from the community. If you are interested in serving let us know. For more information and community resources visit