Monthly E=Minder FEBRUARY 2020



Note from the CGPOA PRESIDENT (Greg Daniels): 

Hello Everyone.   

It has been a very busy month. The annual meeting and party were a great success. I want to thank all the past Board of Directors and welcome the new Board. I am looking forward to a great and productive year. I have challenged the Board to come up with five specific goals for us to accomplish in 2020. If you have any ideas or projects that you would like to see us work on, please let any board member know. This is your POA and your participation is what will make it a success. 

I can tell season is here, there is much more activity by the morning and evening walkers. Safety is an important part of our responsibilities. I would like to remind everyone if you are walking before daylight or after sunset to make sure you have light colored or reflective clothing on and carry a flashlight so vehicles can better see you. For those that are walking later in the morning please keep in mind that sometimes voices carry, if you are having a “private” conversation it may not be so private. 

In 2020 I would like to make better use of social media to keep everyone informed of news and events going on in Cudjoe Gardens. If you are on Facebook and have not joined the CGPOA Facebook page, please do. I know there are also other sites such as Nextdoor and Ring that are helpful for connecting with your neighborhood. 



 Sanctuary Blueprint( Jan EDELSTEIN): LATE BREAKING NEWS -MORE DEVELOPMENT COULD COME:   A bill just passed two legislative committees (H.B. 587) in Tallahassee removing the 24-hour evacuation requirement – opening up the Keys to a potentially unlimited number of development units, not just the additional 1300 for workforce housing we have been fighting.  It’s an important time to make our voices heard.  Please sign the ‘NO TO 1300 ROGOs” petition at (FOLKS).  This will put you on the FOLKS mailing list for updates on H.B. 587, links and Legislators’ contact information regarding H.B. 587.  Please send a note to our Florida House of Representatives Appropriations Committee as well as our County Commissioners opposing changes to the 24 hour evacuation requirement.  If you have questions, please contact Jan Edelstein,


BOB SCHONECK AND NANCY ANDREWS(Sanctuary Update): Today we delivered our comments (Attached) to the Sanctuary which contained 674 individual comments. We heard today that the Sanctuary had only received approximately 820 comments to date. We had a good discussion on our thoughts and only hope that our voices will make a difference in the final Sanctuary proposal. We would like to thank EVERYONE who supported our effort. A special thanks to Jan Edelstein for her hard work and guidance to Nancy and myself on this important issue. A special thanks to Jo Socha for her helping get our documents signed and with the logistics on the documents and posters. 

We have discussed our comments with Commissioner Craig Cates and Commissioner Michelle Coldiron who were supportive of our position. 

We are also sending a copy of our final comments to all of the Monroe County Commissioners. 

JAN EDELSTEIN(NOAA MEETING):  We were invited to attend the upcoming NOAA meeting to be held Feb 18 (Tuesday) in Marathon.  Time and exact location have not been set yet.  This meeting will be post comment close but is open to the public for comments. I encourage everyone to attend because hopefully we will be given the direction they are going after reviewing all the comments. 


I would like to get this emergency medical information notification out to everyone in the Gardens. It is a great tool for emergencies and could help to get quick medical attention. It allows the Deputies and Emergency Medical technicians to act quickly to help you and get your family notified. Please believe me, you will not be in the right frame of mind in an emergency to have all this information available. Just fill it out and put it on your refrigerator so the Deputy or EMT  can find it. They will take the information they need to get started with health care and notifying your emergency contacts then it will go with the patient to the hospital which will help the doctors there to move fast getting you the care you need.  The medical information form is attached to this email. 

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns, and if you need one, just let me know or stop by the Sheriff's Office. Pick up 1 for each member in your household.  

Thank you,  

Jo Socha 

Records District 1 

Special Olympics Law Enforcement Representative 

20950 Overseas Hwy, Cudjoe Key, FL 33050 

305-745-3184 Office 


CINDY DRESOW(HAPPY HOUR):   Our January 16th CGPOA Happy Hour was held at Looe Key Tiki Bar.  Owners, Jim & Deb Figuerdo greeted everyone and offered 30% off all appetizers.  A good time was had by all. 

HAPPY HOUR(Cindy Dresow): 

Happy Hour will be at TONIO’S on MM 25, Summerland Key, Thursday, February 20th at 5PM. Our group will be INSIDE in a/c comfort. 

Tonio’s Happy Hour is every day from 3 - 6 PM, with savings of .75 to $1 off, on mixed drinks, wine and beer.  Thursday is “Sushi Day”, with a variety priced from $8 - $13.   

Happy Hour pricing on drinks and food will be extended for all Cudjoe Gardens property owners on February 20th 

Snowbird Meeting and Party (Cindy Dresow):  

Our CGPOA Annual Meeting and Snowbird Party on Saturday, January 25 had perfect weather!  

Tony Johnson grilled the delicious Sahlen hotdogs, while all guests supplied delicious side dishes and desserts. Sheriff Rick Ramsay, Captain Donnie Catala told us that crime is exceptionally low in our area.  Always contact the sheriff’s office with anything suspicious.  Jo Socha expressed the IMPORTANCE of having our Medical Contact Information in the provided magnetic pouch on our refrigerators.   In an emergency situation, all EMT’s, police and firemen look first on the refrigerator for all medical & contact information. 

Jo Socha displaying this IMPORTANT pouch. Get yours at the Sheriff Substation & fill it out immediately 



It’s time to prepare for our March 7 yard sales! 

This is a huge event, with customers from Key West to Marathon ready to buy. 

It will be advertised on US1 Radio, and in the Key West CitizenFree Press, and News Barometer. 

Saturday, March 7, 2020 8AM -2PM  

MM 21 

3 entrances, Drost, Sawyer & Colson Drives 



You will need to post your own sign at your property & at your street. 

(Balloons get attention!) 

The next CGPOA Monthly Board Meeting will be Monday, February 10, 2020 at 7 PM at the home of Jan Edelstein, 20920 5th Ave. 

Rain Report (Randy McDonald):  The rain total for January was 0.17 inches.  A very dry January.  To check rainfall more often, go to: and enter my station:  FL-MN-6.  


By: John Viele 

Source: "The Fighting Maroons of Jamaica" by Carey Robinson 

The story of the Maroons (escaped slaves) is a great Jamaican epic. It covers from the middle of the 17th century to the end of the 18th century. 

The African Slave leader, Cudjoe, played a prominent role and today is regarded as a national hero of Jamaica. Cudjoe Day is a national holiday in Jamaica. 

Jamaica was held by the Spanish until 1655 when a large English fleet defeated a Spanish naval force and the English government was established on the island. 

The first captive Africans brought to Jamaica came in 1534 when Pedro Mazuelo, one of the early Spanish colonizers, brought 30 Africans from the Canary Islands. 

A number of the slaves escaped their masters, fled to the eastern mountains and began using guerilla tactics suited to the thickly forested mountains. Troops sent to capture or kill them became confused and easy prey for the guerillas. 

When the soldier losses became known to government militia it was difficult, if not impossible, for their officers to get troops moving toward the mountain passes. 

The Jamaican colonial governor pleaded with the king to send British troops. When they arrived, and found themselves in the mountain passes, shot at by an unseen enemy, they panicked and fled or died.


Some of the original slaves were sold to settlers in the east. Escapees from this group settled north and east on the island. Part 


of that area was known as the Cock­pit country, full of deep holes which made travel by foot or cart almost impossible. Eventually the escaped slaves became known as the Eastern Maroons. 

A particularly impressive fighter arose among the Eastern Maroons. His name was Cudjoe.  He was only four feet tall and generally referred to as a dwarf. But he was muscular, strong and smart about fighting tactics. To gain a position of leadership, he fought and killed the previous leader. 

After 150 years of resisting and fighting Maroons, the colonial government was ready to give up, and this became known to the Maroons. 

Almost out of food and ammunition and worn out by years of tracking and fighting, Cudjoe was ready for the signed treaty which gave Maroons freedom forever. 

Ready to give up, but with his fighters hidden not far away, Cudjoe considered the government offer -  Maroons would be free forever, they would own a large tract of land in the mountains and could trade; however, they must keep peace with the whites, they must capture and return any runaway slaves that came among them, and they must assist government forces in repelling any foreign invading forces. 

Western Maroons had not been included in the treaty accepted by Cudjoe. They continued to prepare for raids on settlers. 

Informed that Cudjoe had accepted the same terms as the Eastern Maroons, Quao - leader of the Western Maroons - agreed to the terms. The two peace treaties ended the Maroon wars. 

Further research is needed to determine if there is any connection between the name of Cudjoe Key and Cudjoe, the fighting Maroon of Jamaica. 

Property Owner’s Concerns: If a property owner has a specific concern, it must be mailed to the Cudjoe Gardens Property Owners Association (CGPOA) or given to a Board Member in writing.  It will then be discussed at the following Board of Directors Meeting and kept on record.  Please mail any correspondence to:  CGPOA, PO Box 420121, Cudjoe Key, FL 33042.  

2020 CGPOA Board of Directors 

Welcome to The Cudjoe Gardens Property Owners Association 

The CGPOA Board meets every second Monday of each month. White Board signs are posted at each street entrance indicating the date, time, and place of the board meeting. Members are welcome to attend. If you have a community concern you can send it in writing to CGPOA PO Box 420121 Cudjoe Key, FL. 33042. The CGPOA Board is comprised of volunteers from the community. If you are interested in serving let us know. For more information and community resources visit


President: Greg Daniels 


Vice President: Vacant 

Recording Secretary: Cindy Dresow 

(305) 744-0558 email: 

Corresponding Secretary: Jan M Edelstein 

(208) 720-0709 email: 

Treasurer: Chris Cauley 

(716) 583-5757 email: 

Director: Mary Bell 

(312) 810-8282 email: 

Director:  Andrew Daly 


Director: David Dornseif 

(312) 810-2222 

Director: Richard Schugar 

(303) 218-8285 

Director: Vacant 

Asst. Director Debbie Saavedra (eMinder) 


Asst. Director: Jo Socha (Neighborhood Watch) 

(305) 393-2466 

Director: Walt Drabinski 

(305) 394-0784 email: 

Director: Kathy Niemann 


Asst. Director: Randy McDonald (Canal Water Sampling) 

(305) 587-0690