bodtg 12-09-19


December 9, 2019

Location David Dornseif’s home, 20820 7th Ave. W.

Attending: President Greg Daniels, Treasurer Chris Cauley, Recording Secretary Cindy Dresow, Corresponding Secretary Jan Edelstein, Directors Mary Bell, Dan Border, David Dornseif, Walt Drabinski, and Pete Pederson. 

Guests: Nancy Andrews, Andrew Daly,  Bob Schoneck, and John Smittle. 

Meeting called to order at 7:03 by Greg Daniels

Guest Comments -

John Smittle, a sailor, who built here in 1985, gave a detailed accounting of where markers are needed to navigate the water after leaving the canals. After moving here, and finding the best channel, John petitioned the county to put in markers, which they did, according to his paper chart. CGPOA later took over the markers, after a hurricane messed them up. The board has received a letter from Wally & Ruth Naset, 6th Ave. W., asking that marker buoys be put back in place. John Smittle volunteered his huge laminated colored map, and assistance in working on the channel markers. Walt will lead the committee. Andrew Daly volunteered help. 

Greg Daniels requested that the GPS location be noted as each buoy is set. After all markers are set, Greg will take a google earth shot and post the buoy locations by their GPS coordinates, and then post for all residents.

Jan requested that a sheet with that information be included in welcome packets for new residents. 

John Smittle gave us his recipes to serve 50 people for Mongolian barbecues, as he was in charge of those CGPOA events.

National Marine Sanctuary Proposed Changes - Nancy Andrews and Bob Schoneck requested that we write or go online to show our opposition to proposed new restrictions. They have 150 packets signed. A packet includes a form representing Loggerhead Basin, Barracuda Key-Marvin Key and a form representing All 52 Proposed Zones. So with that being signed it’s 150 X 3 = 450 signed forms. The online site is Use docket #NOAA-NOS-2019-0094.

Comments may be mailed to Sarah Fangman, Sanctuary Superintendent, Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, 33 East Quay Road, Key West, FL. 33040. Public comments will be accepted in person, online, and by mail through January 31, 2020. The Board authorized Jan to file comments on behalf of CGPOA regarding the Sanctuary’s Blueprint based on her outline. She will circulate those comments to the Board for comment before filing.

November Board Meeting minutes - Cindy Dresow had e-mailed the minutes to all members. Minutes approved.

Treasurer’s report - read by Treasurer, Chris Cauley, and approved.

Florida Keys - Areas of Critical Concern - Jan reported pending litigation with the long term state planner regarding approving more ROGO units, without possibility of evacuation before a hurricane.

Wedding venues in residential neighborhoods - recently allowed in Upper Keys. A late appeal has been filed to overturn the ruling. 

Marine Sanctuary update - Jan’s letter was only a guideline. She will elaborate with facts for the full letter. 

Deed Restrictions - 224 Sawyer Dr.   President Daniels received a letter from the owner acknowledging the problem and reporting that he would get back to the Board with a plan to solve it. President Daniels has acknowledged the letter. The Board is awaiting further information from the owner, to discuss at the next meeting. 

Building Committee - No current issues.

Old Business -

Membership brochures - All were taped, labeled, stamped and mailed on November 8. Mailing list still has many duplicates and only block and lot numbers rather than street addresses. 

Christmas Party - Was Coldwell Banker thanked for their $2500 donation? A "Thank You" will be sent. Another “Thank You" will top our January e-minder. Dan & Gail arranged a successful Party: 73 signed up 71 attended. 

Annual newsletter proofs were shown, one in color, one in black and white. 

Board meeting will be Monday, January 13, at Cindy Dresow’s house at 21023 7th Ave. E. At 7 PM.

January Happy Hour Jan 16th at 5 PM, will be at Looe Key Tiki Bar, MM 27 1/2, Ramrod Key.

January 25 Annual meeting & Snowbird Party will be at 1PM, at Donna Coon’s patio, 489 Sawyer Drive. Chris Cauley is in charge of purchasing all hot dogs, buns and condiments, and have his hot dog cart on site.

Marina signs were placed by Bob Schoneck & Nancy Andrews. "Thank you” notes will be sent to them for installing the marina direction signs.

Entrance sign update - Mary Bell reported that she is having great difficulty getting the permit. Mary will talk with Jo Socha at the Sheriff Substation to ask if Sheriff Rick Ramsay’s approval might help us get the needed permit.

New Business - 

Updating mailing list - Chris said our data base has 200 addresses with only plot numbers, and no street addresses. Chris will go through all 90 membership brochures returned by the post office and find secondary mailing addresses. 

Annual Newsletters - We will order them in color, stuffed, stapled & folded. Board approved the cost not to exceed $1,000. Mary reported that advertisers have paid over $700. Newsletters & ballots must be mailed before Christmas.

Guests for Annual Meeting & Snowbird Party - Jo Socha has asked the Sheriff, Captain, and Lieutenant to attend. Jan will draft an invitation for Greg to send to our Commissioner, Michelle Coldiron.

Christmas Lighting Contest - Judging will be on the 20th. Committee members are Randy McDonald, Pete Pedersen & Rich Schugar.

Lighted Bike Parade - 6 PM, Saturday, December 21, Begins at at 20926 9th Ave. W, and ends there for a pot-luck party.

Possible Cudjoe Fishing Tournament - Walt will talk to Marina owners, and then lay out the plan. Chris Cauley volunteered to help once Walt gets it set up.

Bow Channel markers - A couple markers coming out of the Colson canal will be appreciated. 

New CGPOA Directory - Once the mailing list is current, we should assemble a new directory.  No one has yet volunteered to lead the effort. Jan has information from Bettye Kight she will share with the leader about how Bettye managed the data and production of the Directory.  Cindy volunteered to help. 

Open discussion - Chris Caulety is stepping down from Treasurer duties. Chris feels the mailing list responsibility is too tedious to be combined with being the Treasurer. He wants his e-mail address removed from all CGPOA Board discussions. He will continue as Treasurer ONLY if someone else takes over the mailing list responsibilities. He will ask Inca if she would take that on.

Pete Pedersen said he will be leaving the Board effective January’s Annual Meeting. Jan’s house is for sale; she intends to stay on the Board till they move in May.

Since Woody & Inca are not expected back till April, Cindy will ask Jo if we can use her sound system and mic for the annual meeting.

Being No further business, meeting was adjourned at 8:25 PM.

Respectfully Submitted,

Cindy Dresow, Recording Secretary

BODMTG 11-04-19 (pdf)